From The Founder - What To Expect At Cambiar Festival

A new kind of festival is preparing to launch very soon! Cambiar Festival will take place in Boston, Massachusetts in Spring 2019 and will focus on raising critical funds for cancer research and treatment. Unlike other music festivals, Cambiar Festival combines music, fashion, and art to enact positive change in the world. 


Here's what you can expect from the festival:

  • Local Music Acts

  • National/International Music Acts

  • Fashion Runway Shows

  • Art Galleries

  • A Community- Cambiar Festival aims to foster a community of love, acceptance, and positive change. Here at Cambiar Festival, we have absolutely no tolerance for discrimination of any kind. 

My Story

I started Cambiar Festival because I wanted to make the world a better place. I wanted to combine passions to enact positive change in the world through art, fundraising, and education. 

After losing my mom to her battle to Leiomyosarcoma (a rare and aggressive cancer) I immediately knew that I wanted to dedicate the first year of the festival to the cause of rare cancer research and treatment. 

Thank you for reading my words and supporting Cambiar Festival. There is so much more to come. 

With Love,

Kaylee Largay

Founder + CEO

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About Cambiar Festival- Cambiar Festival is a global music, fashion, and art festival that partners with nonprofits to fulfill missions of change. The first festival will be held in Boston, MA and will donate ALL TICKET SALES to rare cancer research and treatment.